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Another Tragic love story

Surely we've all read about the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, we watched the endless television and theatrical versions of these two lovers who swear their love in spite of the rivalry between their families, commit suicide and thereby achieve reconciliation, that is only a vague summary of the passionate and tragic story,but I really want to write about this drama from the vision of these young men and their theater proposal.

Shakespeare R & J accompanied by excellent choreography and an adaptation of Joe Calargo, invite you to enjoy some incredible elements based on a frame of four young men studying in a Catholic military school where repression and environment leads them to discover sexuality in a way confused and fearful of homosexual love between the two young protagonists, is a work to think about love beyond the challenges and social prejudices.

This work has received much acceptance but also many positive and negative reviews, we are talking about art but it is still a sensitive issue for many social and religious communities, I believe that the work of these young people is fresh, energetic and professional where from beginning to end you are going to fully enjoy an intense, revealing and daring drama by Joe Calorgo using such a famous work in a modern context respectful to the original work, using a simple but enough scenery to represent with a red ribbon all the necessary elements to combine perfectly with the drama.

In New York as well as in different cities of USA they counted over a hundred presentations and productions and at European level in England, Australia and Asia with great success and acceptance. You can find amazing videos through internet and learn a little more about this tragic love story, its characters and you can also purchase the adaptation of this written work. So I conclude this writing inviting you to open your mind and enjoy.
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